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Sophie Blussé collaborates

with Gallery of Tones,

Stevko Busch.



Mete Erker

soprano and tenor sax

Oene van Geel

viola / cajon

Anton Goudsmit


Jeroen van Vliet


Four high profile improvisers of the Dutch jazz and improv scene have teamed up and formed ESTAFEST.

In this unusual line up, these musicians combine their distinctive instrumental skills and sound, wrapped up in brilliant short pieces, which are shaped on stage. They actually create an atmosphere in which both the audience and the musicians go with the flow of the moment.

The result is cutting edge music, exciting, hilarious and breathtaking.

Anyone who has seen the group was surprised, moved, nurtured and inspired. Since the individual members of Estafest toured the world with different groups, they can't wait to bring their favorite band to an international audience.

In the Spring of 2014 the group will release their sophomore album (Challenge records), the follow up of ESTAFEST Live! (Challenge, 2011).

24 December 2014

Estafest plays Chime

Estafest plays Chime (by Jeroen van Vliet) at the BIMhuis on 14 december 2014.

That night Jeroen got the Boy Edgar Award 2014.

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6 November 2014

Nov 21: ESTAFEST at London Jazz Festival

London Jazz Festival focuses on Dutch jazz this year, co-celebrating Bimhuis 40th anniversary. Since adventurous music from The Netherlands has always been a priority for the festival, they selected ESTAFEST for the program!

ESTAFEST play the Barbican FreeStage on Friday November 21 at 6pm.

More info here.

27 June 2014

Jeroen van Vliet wins Boy Edgar Prize

Jeroen van Vliet has won the Buma Boy Edgar Prijs 2014, the Netherlands' most prestigious and honourable jazz award.

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28 April 2014

In case you missed our showcase at Jazzahead

See and listen to our 25 minute showcase at Jazzahead 2014.